The school uniform is available at http://www.psw.com.au/retail/default.aspx or at the Sunbury PSW store.

PSW Sunbury
Unit 6 106-126 Gap Road 
Sunbury VIC 3429 
Ph: (03) 9744 5795

It has been lovely seeing our new uniform options in the yard this year. The blue and purple are working together very nicely and the dresses are nothing short of spectacular. The feedback so far has been excellent. As I said last year, families who have been at the school prior to 2015 do not need to go out and purchase all new uniforms in a hurry! 2014 uniforms are fine. Most families have simply taken advantage of the new stock to add to their current supplies.

As part of the Sun Smart Program, during Terms 1 and 4 it is compulsory for children to wear hats outside during lunch, recess, Physical Education and Sport sessions. Children without their school hats will be required to remain undercover. Hats are available from PSW in Sunbury.

A school uniform is used at Diggers Rest Primary School to further develop the school identity. Children are encouraged to wear correct school uniform and are provided with a range of sports uniforms when participating in inter-school activities. The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at Diggers Rest Primary School. If for some reason your child cannot wear their uniform on a particular day please send along a note of explanation.

Thongs are not to be worn to school. Socks must be worn at all times. All clothing should be clearly labelled.
The following are not permitted at school, except as a part of an approved dress-up or performance: Dangling earrings, make-up, nail polish, necklaces and chains.