House Captains


McKenzie (Blue) -
Duncan (Gold) -
Anderson (Red) -
Watson (Green) -

A Short History of the Houses
The four Houses being represented by our students were named after residents of the Diggers Rest area who contributed to the Diggers Rest school and the local district.

Anderson House (Red)
The Anderson family first came to the district in 1934.  Mr & Mrs Anderson had six children – Bob, John, Bruce, Betty, Heather and Greg, who attended the school.  Mrs Anderson was a member of the Mother’s Club for a considerable period of time.  She resided at “Maninga Park”, the Anderson property, which was run by Mr Greg Anderson as a tourist attraction, enabling city folk to share the experiences of farm life.

Duncan House (Yellow)
The Duncan family is certainly one of the early families of Diggers Rest.  Mr John Duncan and his family moved to Diggers Rest from Werribee in 1888, and settled on a property which they called “Glencoe”.  His son George attended the school in the 1890’s.  His son and his grandson (named George also) attended the school in 1924-29 and 1957-63 respectively.  Susan and Gregory Duncan and James and Scott Hutchinson became the fourth generation of the Duncan family to attend this school.

McKenzie House (Blue)
Mr. Kenneth McKenzie’s signature headed the list of names of parents who sent a letter to “The Honourable Minister of Instruction” requesting a school for Diggers Rest.  When the school was moved from O’Briens Corner he was very much against its removal, stating in a letter to the Education Department that O’Briens site was within two and a half miles to all children attending the school.  It can be seen, then, that the McKenzie family had a great interest in the very early years of the school.

Watson House (Green)
In 1906 Mr Robert Watson and his family moved to Diggers Rest from Gisborne, where the Watson family had been well established, having settled there in 1852.  Mr Robert Watson was a well known judge of Clydesdale horses.  He purchased a property which extended from the railway station halfway along Vineyard Road.  The family was very prominent in the district.  His son Bruce, a former pupil of this school, became Shire President.