The Diggers Rest Primary School, Number 2479, officially commenced on the 19th June 1882. With the further development of the township in the mid-1980’s, the school population quickly grew. The new school site in Plumpton Road opened in October 1990, catering for approximately 200 students.

Being a small school we provide the opportunity for staff, pupils and parents to develop a friendly learning environment. The school’s modern facilities, teaching resources and size ensures that children will have quality education with the advantage of being able to cater for the individual needs of children.

Diggers Rest Primary School is a caring community school that provides a friendly and supportive learning environment for all children. The school caters for all aspects of a child’s development from academic rigor to the artistic and physical development i.e. visual art, performing arts and physical education. In addition to this, the staff run lunchtime activities to further develop students’ social skills.

Diggers Rest Primary School features excellent facilities including air conditioned and heated classrooms, computer and Internet access to all grades. The school also offers landscaped gardens, modern sports grounds, which provide an excellent sporting venue for the school and wider community, and extensive playground equipment. All outdoor playground equipment is covered by shade structures for the safety and well being of children.

Diggers Rest Primary School is an integral part of the wider community and hosts annual events such as the Community Carols, Billy Cart Derby and Grandparents’ Day. We are proud of our students’ achievements both academically as well as on the sports field. These achievements reflect an excellent curriculum and learning environment as well as the broad range of sporting activities offered.