The Diggers Rest Primary School buildings are modern and surround a central courtyard. The classrooms are bright, airy and air-conditioned. Each classroom has access to the internet, a wet area, a withdrawal area and a teacher preparation room. The school has a well resourced library, attractive art room and a multi-purpose room.

The school grounds and playing areas are extensive, attractive and well maintained.

Schoolyard facilities include four modern playground structures, two netball/basketball courts, volleyball and bat tennis courts, a cricket pitch, soccer goals, and a fitness track. The courtyard provides opportunities for quiet play.


Features of Our School

Excellent physical education and sports programs

Computer and Internet facilities in all grades

Caring learning environment

Small class sizes

Extension and special assistance programs to meet the needs of all children

Before and after school care program

A range of activities held throughout the year that are fun and educational such as clubs and whole school theme days

Fair and constructive discipline policy

Accessible iPad program

Well resourced library and art rooms

Picturesque rural setting