Welcome! Here are answers to some common questions asked by families.

  What are the Term Dates for 2017?

Term 1: 30 Jan (teachers start) – 31 March
Term 2: 18 April – 30 June
Term 3: 17 July – 22 September
Term 4: 9 October – 22 December

  School Operations  
  What is the schedule on an average day? 9.00 First teaching & learning session
11.00 Recess
11.30 Second teaching & learning session
1.00 Lunch
1.45 Third teaching & learning session 
3.15 End of school
  Can I help out in the classroom? All teachers welcome parent help in the classroom. Each team has their own approach to organising classroom assistance. Speak to your child’s teacher regarding classroom assistance.  
  Can I attend excursions? The school is always grateful for parent help on excursions; however, sometimes there are more willing parents than available spaces on the bus. Parents also need to have a current Working With Children's Check. Please speak to your child’s teacher.  
  Does my child have homework? Diggers Rest Primary School Council has a current a Homework Policy. Contact the office for a copy.  
  What is the NAPLAN test? The NAPLAN is an annual assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It tests the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy.The assessments are undertaken nationwide, every year in the second full week in May. For more information about NAPLAN tests (samples are provided) go to www.naplan.edu.au.  
  Student Activities  
  Which Inter-School Sport Days are attended? Students have the opportunity to participate in swimming, athletics and cross-country. Keep an eye on the school newsletter for upcoming sport days.  
  What is the Graduation Ceremony? The Grade 6 Graduation is a ceremony held at the end of the year, which celebrates the primary school experiences of these students, and provides some social interaction as they farewell their peers, teachers and school. Awards are presented for Academic Excellence, Citizenship, Performing Arts, Environment, Visual Arts and Sport. The Graduation Ceremony is organised by the 5/6 staff.  
  Parent Resources and Advice  
  How do I find out about what's happening at school?

· The school newsletter is sent home every second Thursday with your oldest child and is also published on the school website – be sure to read it!

· Notices sent home in your child's school bag and are also published on the school website

· We have a school Facebook page

· Download and subscribe to FlexiBuzz updates

· Signs posted outside the classrooms

· Assembly at 9:00am on Monday mornings

· Dates tab on the school website

· For broader State Government policies and information on Education, go to www.education.vic.gov.au.

  When can I have an informal chat with my child's teacher?

The teachers aren't able to chat at length or answer in-depth questions at drop-off and pick-up time or during class, as they are busy with the children in their care. However, the teachers will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet you before or after school. 

  When are parent/teacher interviews?

Parent/Teacher interviews are conducted twice a year in Term 1 and Term 3. A notice will be sent home offering you a choice of dates and times. Please send back your note promptly with your date and time preferences. A note will then be sent home with your allocated date and time. 

Please be prepared with questions to ask your child’s teacher as each parent has a 10-minute time slot allocated. If you feel that you need more time, you are able to make another date and time to speak to the teacher. It is important to be punctual to your meeting.

  Can you tell me about school reports?

School reports are sent home at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 4. Your child will also receive notification of their class and teacher for the next year at the end of Term 4. Information on school reports is available in the Parent Information Book and at: