Guiding Principles
The school philosophy is firmly based on the belief that learning best occurs in a flexible, safe, happy and positive environment. Our teaching and learning practices focus on extending students to their individual potential by encouraging, recognising and rewarding achievement and acknowledging effort.

Our Beliefs
Primary school is part of a life long learning journey.
The start of a child’s school life is the commencement of an ongoing partnership between the child, parent and the school.
Academic skills and individual talents develop simultaneously with a healthy self-esteem. This leads to well adjusted and responsible social behaviour and interaction with peers and adults.
The teaching staff are a valuable resource. They value opportunities to work in team situations to deliver rich and varied learning programs.
It is essential to develop positive partnerships and foster strong communication with parents for learning to occur.
Students will learn best when they are empowered in their learning and connected to their school environment. Positive empowerment has a direct impact on the resilience of our learners.

Diggers Rest Primary School provides a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that places the learner at the centre of all decision making. The school regularly plans programs based on the Victorian Curriculum F-10 with a focus on the following subject areas:

The Arts – Performing (Dance/Drama/Music)
The Arts – Visual (Communication/Design)
Health & Physical Education
The Humanities – Civics & Citizenship
The Humanities – Economics & Business
The Humanities – Geography
The Humanities – Geography
The Humanities – History
Languages – Italian
The Technologies

Broad topics promote the links between curriculum areas and, where possible, themes are integrated across the school promoting peer and social learning. The curriculum is underpinned by the development of creative and critical thinking and ethical, personal and intercultural capabilities.
The school prides itself on excellent academic levels across the board. However, we understand that learning must come hand in hand with the development of each individual. As such, we promote a range of extra curricular activities including ‘Wacky Wednesday Cross Age Tasks’, sports coaching, Peer Support, Buddies, Enrichment Groups and School Improvement Teams.
The staff are dedicated and committed to high quality teaching practices. They have a commitment to their own professional development and they assist the parents to understand current educational practices through activities such as information evenings and practical activities and workshops.