School Calendar

  Monday 19th June School Council 7pm  
  Wednesday 21st June Pie orders due  
  Thursday 22nd June Hot Jam Classes (weekly)  
  Friday 23rd June Feast on Friday  
  Tuesday 27th June Pie orders delivered to school  
  Wednesday 28th June Hot Jam concert 2.30-3.15  
  Thursday 29th June Hot Jam Classes (weekly)  
  Friday 30th June Last day of Term 2  
  Monday 17th July Curriculum Day  
  Tuesday 18th July First day of Term 3  

2017 Curriculum Days
Monday 30th January
Monday 24th April
Monday 17th July
Monday 6th November

2017 Term Dates
Term 1: 31 January – 31 March
Term 2: 18 April – 30 June
Term 3: 18 July – 22 September
Term 4: 9 October – 22 December